Coming soon – Jack Fortune!





Meet Jack Fortune – a boy who’s very good at getting into trouble…

It’s the end of the 18th century. King George 111 is on the throne, and Jack Fortune, a lively orphan boy who wants to be an explorer, is living with his Aunt Constance. He’s always getting into trouble, and one day his naughtiness goes a step too far. Aunt Constance decides she’s had enough. She calls in her brother, Jack’s Uncle Edmund, and tells him it’s his turn. But Uncle Edmund says he can’t possibly take on Jack – he’s just about to head off on a dangerous expedition to the Himalayas in search of rare plants. To Jack’s great delight, Aunt Constance won’t take no for an answer – and Uncle Edmund is left with no choice!

What follows is a terrific adventure that will see Jack and Uncle Edmund testing themselves to the limits, as they sail to India, travel north to Hakkim, forge their way through jungles, cross turbulent rivers and scale terrifying heights – as well as coping with sabotage, avalanches and a mysterious creature that lives among the snow and ice of Mount Zemu!