And further…

Before long, you might start to think it would be fun to share your work. One option is to see if you can start up a creative writing group – maybe in your school. Talk to your school librarian or perhaps your English teacher – they might be able to help you find other people who are interested. You could maybe use one of the books I’ve mentioned here to help you with topics for each session, and read out the stories or poems you’ve written. It’s important that you all agree a few ground rules – probably the most important one is that criticism should be constructive – so not: ” That is the worst story I’ve ever HEARD!”, but: “I really enjoyed that, but maybe you could have built up the excitement a bit more just there;” or: “Great character – I kept wondering what she looked like, though?”

If you do start up a group, I’d love to hear about it. You could use the Contact Form to get in touch.

Another option is to upload your work online. I’ve asked around, and writer friends have suggested these sites. I don’t have personal experience of any of them, but they look good. Would love to have your feedback, or suggestions as to other useful sites.  This looks like a useful site for young people up to 16. There’s a magazine you can send your stories in to. It’s based in south London, but as far as I can see it isn’t limited to contributors from there.  This is a general site for young writers, and has competitions etc.  This one is for writers of 13+, and has a forum.