(Some news – I’m VERY happy to say that Jack Fortune has been shortlisted for the Young Quills Award for historical fiction. As part of the process for this, lots of schoolchildren read and review the nominated books – read more here.)

My latest book is Jack Fortune and the Search for the Hidden Valley. (Read more about it here.) I spotted it a few weeks ago on this table in my local Waterstones, and had to restrain myself from doing a little happy dance – it’s very special when something you’ve spent months or even years on, all by yourself in your study or wooden hut, takes on its own life as a printed book!


And now something else exciting has happened – I heard the other day that Jack Fortune has been chosen as one of the books for the 2018 Summer Reading Challenge, run by the Reading Agency – there it is, on the fourth row down!


This is particularly good news, because I’m a big fan of the Reading Challenge. Here I am last year, encouraging children at our local primary school to take part in it.


The idea is to encourage children to read books over the long summer holiday. There are bookmarks, medals, puzzles, certificates – all kinds of goodies! You just have to go to your local library to sign up. Each year, there’s a theme. In 2017 it was Animal Agents; in 2018, it will be Mischief Makers. And Jack Fortune is certainly very good at making mischief!